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New tinning lines planned in Belarus and Turkey

Wednesday, 06 May 2015

Two new electrolytic tinplate lines planned in Belarus and Turkey could produce up to 495,000 tpy by 2018. The new plants are strategically placed to capture domestic market share, as well as exporting production to the European Union (EU) and Commonwealth of Independent Countries (CIS).

The tinning line in Turkey is a crucial element of a planned, $400 million steel mill to be constructed in Osmaniye, in the south of the country. The plant is a Turkish-Japanese joint venture between Tosyali Holdings and Toyo Kohan. Targeted annual tinplate production at the plant is 255,000 tonnes, which will also produce construction sheet. The enterprise aims to capture a 50% share of Turkeys 350,000 to 400,000 tpy domestic demand, which is increasing as a result of Turkey's strong economic growth. Exports of tinplate will be made simpler by the plants proximity to the Mediterranean. The facility is expected to commence production in 2016.

The Republic of Belarus based MMPZ-group is investing in excess of $220 million in the Miory metal rolling mill, which will produce both tinplate and cold-rolled steel. First production is targeted by 2017 and will produce 150,000 tpy of tinplate, rising to 240,000 tpy by the December 2018. The plant will be the sole tinplate producer in Belarus and hopes to substitute for the imports that currently fulfil the countries 30,000 tpy tinplate demand. The location of the plant will make it easy to export to both the EU and the CIS. Russia is a good potential market for tinplate, as not only does it import some 70% of its 250,000 tpy tinplate requirements, but it is part of a customs union that also includes Belarus.

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