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PMC completes acquisition of Arkema Beijing

Post By: Peter Kettle on Thursday, 09 January 2014

PMC Group announced on 3 January that it had completed its purchase of Arkema Beijing Chemical Co., Ltd. This completes the final portion of PMC's previously announced acquisition of Arkema's worldwide tin stabiliser, organometallic, and organophosphine specialty chemical business. The new name of Arkema Beijing Chemical Co., Ltd. is PMC Beijing Chemicals Co., Ltd. The Chinese tin stabilisers market is growing strongly as a result of economic growth and substitution of tin for lead in the stabilisers business.


Rockwood's tin-containing 'Solaplex' pigments receive FDA approval for use in food contact applications

Post By: Paul Cusack on Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Rockwood Pigments' 'Solaplex' bright yellow - orange inorganic pigments have been granted food contact approval by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA). These eco-friendly rutile tin zinc oxide colours were introduced to the market more than a decade ago and are now well established as non-toxic alternatives to lead chromates and other heavy metal containing pigments. Rockwood claim that new regulatory concerns over nickel-containing pigments will further extend uses for Solaplex colours, including specialised applications involving indirect food contact,...

Self-cleaning tin oxide antimicrobial coatings on glass

Post By: Paul Cusack on Thursday, 14 March 2013

Researchers in Germany have developed a novel method for depositing homogeneous, thin and transparent biomimetic SnO2 coatings on glass surfaces. The resulting bio-enabled tin oxide film is highly photoactive, generating superoxide radicals upon sunlight exposure, leading to strong antimicrobial activity. Upon illumination, the biomimetic SnO2 coating exhibits a switchable amphiphilic behaviour which, in combination with its photoactivity, effectively creates a self-cleaning surface. These intrinsic self-cleaning properties are expected to lead to the development of new, protective anti-fouling coatings...

Shepherd Color launches new tin-containing pigments

Post By: Paul Cusack on Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Shepherd Color Company (USA) has recently announced the introduction of a new range of tin pigments - Niobium Tin Pyrochlore (NTP) Yellows, which complement its existing Rutile Tin Zinc (RTZ) Orange range. Chris Manning (Sales & Marketing Manager) said 'We are very excited to be able to launch these new chemistries to the global pigments market.' Key benefits include non-toxicity, excellent opacity, good compatibility, excellent chemical resistance and weathering characteristics, and high heat stability. Replacement of toxic lead chromates...

Tin-filled carbon nanotube production for use in lithium ion batteries

Post By: Paul Cusack on Friday, 05 October 2012

Researchers from Cambridge University have entered into a joint venture with Morgan AM&T (UK) to produce tin-filled carbon nanotubes for use in lithium ion batteries (LIBs). Professor Derek Fray's group at Cambridge has developed a unique method for making carbon nanotubes directly from graphite, at much lower cost and at a rate 2,500 times faster than current methods. Incorporation of tin into these nanotubes leads to an LIB anode material that is vastly superior to carbon itself, in terms of...

Arkema to sell tin stabilizers business

Post By: Peter Kettle on Friday, 13 July 2012

Arkema has announced the planned sale of its tin stabilizer business to PMC Group, a manufacturer of performance chemicals and plastics based in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, USA. The tin stabilizer business is a small part of the French-owned Arkema's business, with annual organometallics sales of €180 million out of a total turnover of €5.9 billion.

The main product lines involved are Thermolite heat stabilizers used in PVC production, much of which is for the construction sector, and Fascat catalysts which...

Korean partner for Timah's tin chemicals plant

Post By: Organic Development on Friday, 15 July 2011

Indonesia’s state-controlled tin company PT Timah and the South Korean company H&H Global Resource Co Ltd have signed a memorandum of understanding to build a large tin chemicals plant on Bangka island, the Antara news agency reported. Timah has recently started up its first tin chemicals plant at Cilegon, Java and is investing further in in-house tin tetrachloride production to feed this operation.

"We are now waiting for the results of a feasibility study which is expected to be completed...

PT Timah steps up investment in tin chemicals

Post By: Organic Development on Friday, 24 June 2011

PT Timah has raised planned capital expenditure in 2011 to 1.4 trillion rupiah (US$163 million) from an initial plan of 1.2 trillion rupiah, as the company wants to expand its tin chemical plant and increase offshore tin mining, Bloomberg reported. Timah will finance 50% of the spending from bank loans.

In a separate report the Antara news agency said that a second phase of construction at Timah’s Cilegon tin chemicals factory in Java would be completed in 2012. The...

Timah plans second tin chemicals unit

Post By: Organic Development on Tuesday, 01 March 2011

Indonesia’s PT Timah confimed that intends to build a second tin chemicals plant in Bangka, the cost of the first stage of which will be Rp 100 billion (US$11 million). The company is currently completing work on a first plant, which produces PVC stabilisers, at Ciligon, West Java. It was not specified which tin chemical products would be produced at the proposed Bangka unit, which has been under consideration for several years.

Bisnis Indonesia quoted Wachid Usman, President Director of...

Indian and US partners acquire Chemtura's PVC additives business

Post By: Organic Development on Tuesday, 02 March 2010

Artek Surfin Chemicals, one of India’s leading specialty chemicals companies, and US private equity firm Aterian Investment Partners have jointly agreed to purchase the PVC additives business of Chemtura Corporation. The business, which generated 2008 revenues of $374 million, is a leading global producer of additives for numerous PVC and other polymer applications, many of which are tin-based. It has production facilities in Taft, Louisiana and Lampertheim, Germany, with over 250 employees worldwide. Chemtura had total 2008 sales of US$3.5...