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Tin Chemicals

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Shepherd Color launches new tin-containing pigments

Post By: Paul Cusack on Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Shepherd Color Company (USA) has recently announced the introduction of a new range of tin pigments - Niobium Tin Pyrochlore (NTP) Yellows, which complement its existing Rutile Tin Zinc (RTZ) Orange range. Chris Manning (Sales & Marketing Manager) said 'We are very excited to be able to launch these new chemistries to the global pigments market.' Key benefits include non-toxicity, excellent opacity, good compatibility, excellent chemical resistance and weathering characteristics, and high heat stability. Replacement of toxic lead chromates...

Tin-filled carbon nanotube production for use in lithium ion batteries

Post By: Paul Cusack on Friday, 05 October 2012

Researchers from Cambridge University have entered into a joint venture with Morgan AM&T (UK) to produce tin-filled carbon nanotubes for use in lithium ion batteries (LIBs). Professor Derek Fray's group at Cambridge has developed a unique method for making carbon nanotubes directly from graphite, at much lower cost and at a rate 2,500 times faster than current methods. Incorporation of tin into these nanotubes leads to an LIB anode material that is vastly superior to carbon itself, in terms of...

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