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Sustainability // Sustainability

Our activities

Generally, within the field of natural resource and materials management there have been many long-term knowledge gaps relating to topics now recognised to be of importance. Examples might include an understanding of:

  • The use, depletion and discovery of resources. 
  • Metal stock levels and how they flow throughout the production-supply-recovery chain.
  • How technologies might influence recycling and substitution of materials (*). Many other gaps also exist regarding knowledge of social, economic and environmental impacts of resource exploitation and use.

Together with other metals, the tin industry recognises that these knowledge gaps ideally need to be filled by generating new data. We are also aware that there are many complicating factors, for example uncertainties about future price, demand and supply, and other issues which increase difficulty of data collection, such as commercial confidentiality, the widespread use of tin and the increasingly complex structure of the industry. Nevertheless, ITRI will be working on the long-term Sustainability Project to fill in those knowledge gaps through continued study and research. 

The project will not only result in new, reliable and valuable information but, through the use of this unique knowledge and understanding, will allow us to develop a proactive approach to promote sustainability through a range of activities.



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(*) OECD (2008), Measuring material flows and resource productivity – Synthesis report, OECD, Paris.