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Latest News

Tin-silver plating chemistry for lead-free bump plating

Post By: Andy Pye on Tuesday, 07 January 2014

Dow Electronic Materials has announced tin-silver plating chemistry for use in lead-free solder bump plating applications.

In Cu pillar capping applications, Solderon BP TS 6000, tin-silver forms a smooth, micro-void free interface post reflow. With a single formulation, Solderon BP TS 6000 is capable of plating speeds ranging from 2 to 9um/min, which creates a significantly wider operating window. The tunable nature of the Ag composition in this formulation makes it suitable for a number of applications and eliminates...

Lightning speed laminates: high-frequency materials for lead-free soldering

Post By: Andy Pye on Monday, 06 January 2014

John Coonrod, market development engineer for Rogers Corporation, Advance Circuit Materials Division, has been writing in PC Design about available high frequency thermoplastic and thermoset laminates for PCBs subjected to multiple passes through a lead-free solder reflow cycle.

Qualification requirements differ from one OEM to another, but some will require five, six, or even 10 passes through a lead-free solder reflow process. There are a few different criteria for these tests however, the basic demand is that the PCB...

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