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Sustainability // REACH

Echa urges 'transparency' on lead registrant role

Chemical Watch reports that Echa has announced plans to publish a list of substances for which there is an appointed lead registrant (LR).

The agency is responding to calls for clarity on the issue, and hopes that as many names as possible will appear on the list.

"Echa is encouraging all lead registrants to accept the publication of their name on the list, which will be available in September on our website," Javier Sánchez, from the agency's dossier submission unit, said at Cefic's REACH information and experience exchange forum (RIEF V) on 1 July.

"We want to be more transparent and show what is happening for these substances, which helps everyone to monitor the registration process."

"In the past we had a 'lead registrant notification scheme' which worked in a different way: potential lead registrants communicated to us their nomination and we included them in a list. However, we did not receive many notifications," Mr Sánchez told Chemical Watch.

"We have changed the approach now: we will take the information on the lead registrant directly from REACH-IT and publish it on the website if the company agrees to it. We believe this is more effective and efficient for everybody."

Low registration numbers

At the conference, Jan Tuinstra, senior regulatory consultant at Knoell Netherlands, said "only 100 additional lead registrants are known on top of the ones that have already submitted lead registration dossiers."

According to Echa figures on registration dossiers for the 2018 deadline compiled at the end of May, there have been 5,773 registrations for 3,075 unique substances. Some 1,522 companies have submitted registrations – a figure "far from the 20,000 expected", said Mr Tuinstra.

"It is a very tiresome process to find out who is the lead registrant for a substance and getting feedback from other members during pre-Sief."

Call for communication

Earlier this year, Echa urged companies intending to register substances under the 2018 deadline to contact their fellow registrants and organise their Siefs as soon as possible.

Mercedes Viñas, from Echa's computational assessment and dissemination unit, said the agency shares the concern that there are many substances for which there is no movement on registration yet.

"Echa has taken all actions it can to raise awareness and we hope you, as an industry, echo those actions," she told the audience. "If we get closer to the deadline and still it is the case, then maybe we were over-optimistic