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Sustainability // REACH


ITRI Assessment REACH

The EU Regulation, REACH, (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) came into force on 1st June 2007. It aims to make sure that enough information is available on all metals and chemicals to demonstrate that the production, import and/or use of those substances in the EU does not cause any risk to human health or the environment.

Almost everyone in the supply chain within the EU will be affected by REACH and the regulation is also important for non-EU producers who intend to export material into the EU. Every manufacturer and importer will need to register a dossier of substance information with the European Chemicals Agency, while downstream users will need to make sure that their use of the substance is assessed in the dossier, or submit their own information. Non-EU producers can register for REACH through the use of Only Representatives.

If a substance is not registered, or uses are not specified in the dossier, the supply/use of that substance in the EU will not be legal after the relevant deadline. For tin metal registration was made by a number of producers by the first registration deadline, for high tonnage substances, December 2010.

An enormous amount of data is needed for registration dossiers and REACH asks companies to work together to submit a set of common information. Working as a group of companies in a consortium also helps to share the cost burden.

ITRI assessment work
ITRI began preparation work for REACH on behalf of our tin producing member companies in 2005 and formed a tin metal consortium at the beginning of October 2007, which is open to any company to join. This allows access to, and cost sharing of, the set of REACH required data that is needed for registration.

ITRI is also facilitating discussions between inorganic tin compound manufacturers and importers in order to establish how groups of relevant consortia may be formed for those substances. However, work on organotin compounds will be co-ordinated by another organisation.
If you are an EU tin metal or chemical producer, a non-EU metal, alloy or chemical producer wishing to export to the EU, or an EU downstream user of metal or chemicals you will be affected by REACH.

You can read more about the possible impacts, and how ITRI may be able to help, in the REACH webpages.