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Sustainability // REACH

Classification and Labelling

Classification CLP REACH

Although REACH requires information on the classification of substances, it does not contain the criteria, or the obligations, relating to classification and labelling. These are laid down in the Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP). This new Regulation replaces both the Dangerous Substances Directive (DSD) and Dangerous Preparations Directive (DPD) and is based on the requirements of the UN Globally Harmonised System for the classification and labelling of substances, GHS.

REACH places additional requirements on suppliers of classified substances, such as making a Safety Data Sheet available to downstream users and conducting an exposure and risk assessment during the course of a Chemical Safety Assessment.

To ensure that classifications (and consequent labelling) of all substances manufactured in or imported into the EU are transparent, industry are required to submit a notification of the hazard classification to the Agency by 1 December 2010 at the latest unless already submitted as part of a registration. The Agency will then include this information in a classification and labelling inventory in the form of a database accessible via internet. All members within the substance SIEF are required to agree on the classification and labelling for their substance.