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Echa publishes plans for 2018 registration deadline

Chemical Watch reports that Echa has published its REACH 2018 Roadmap, which outlines its plans to raise awareness and support industry, especially SMEs, prepare for the final registration deadline in 2018.

This year, the agency will review its Q&As database to make it easier for potential registrants to find information on how the REACH registration process will affect them. It will also organise a webinar on the subject. Together with national helpdesks, it will launch an outreach campaign to ensure SMEs become aware of their registration obligations.

It will establish a methodology for substance sameness, that should also be ready this year (CW 26 November 2014). This may trigger a review of the guidance on substance identification and naming, which would also be done this year.

The agency will provide support material and online training for data-sharing negotiations over 2015 and 2016. It will also come up with a strategy to support those companies who hwill have to regiister substances which they produce in annual quantities between one and ten tonnes. This should be ready already in 2015, with a practical guide for the same category of registrants scheduled for 2016.

The roadmap details many other activities spread out through the years leading up to 2018. It will be updated yearly.

Echa expects up to 70,000 registrations for the last REACH deadline - a threefold increase from any of the previous two deadlines. Many more registrants are expected to be inexperienced with REACH. Substance information exchange forums (Siefs) are also expected to be smaller or even consist of just one company.

K-REACH lacks CBI protection, warns law firms

Post By: Jonathan Rickwood on Monday, 28 July 2014

South Korea's Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances, also known as K-REACH, has major implications for the protection of confidential business information (CBI) of downstream users, warns law firms Mayer Brown and Shim & Kim in an article published this week on CW+ AsiaHub.

Comparing the Korean regulations with equivalent EU REACH provisions, the authors say downstream users will not be allowed to keep uses confidential. They suggest that companies and trade associations should use the time...

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