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Will Nigeria top African tin producers in 2017?

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Nigeria has emerged as a rapidly growing source of tin-in-concentrate in 2017, with tin ore exports in the first four months of this year as totals of importing country data at 2,967 tonnes (gross weight) or an estimated 2,000 t of tin contained based on a 67% average tin content, almost three times the amount of metal compared to the equivalent period of 2016.

Anecdotal evidence from local news sources suggests the number of miners working at sites on the Jos Plateau in Nigeria has swelled since 2016, with the significant depreciation of the Nigerian Naira relative to the US dollar an obvious factor behind the increase.

ITRI View: If shipments continue at this rate for the remainder of 2017, the country will have exported 6,000 t of tin, double the estimated output in 2016. This could potentially see Nigeria become the largest tin producing country in Africa this year.

Nigerian ore exports



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