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China refined tin output to rise following disruptions

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

China's refined tin production is expected to increase in the coming months as a number of smelters restart production following maintenance, environmental inspections and raw material constraints.

Yunnan Tin Company (YTC), China's largest tin producer, restarted production on 9 October following a period of smelter maintenance which began on 31 August 31. Meanwhile, Dajingzi Tin Industry Company has been in a production halt since August because of a regular inspection of equipment as well as environmental inspections carried out by the government. The company expects to restart from November. In addition, tin mines owned by the China-Tin Group are also undergoing scheduled maintenance and the flow of raw material to the company's smelter has been affected as a result.

ITRI View: During YTC's maintenance period we estimate 5,000 tonnes of refined tin output was affected whereas for the current production halt at Dajingzi Tin it is estimated that 1,200 tonnes of tin production will be impacted. Refined tin output in the next two months should be higher than the 12,000 tonnes estimated in September as these smelters restart activities. This will help boost domestic supply through to the end of 2017.



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