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Sustainability // iTSCi

iTSCi Membership Area

DRC iTSCi Rwanda

Eligibility and Acceptance into iTSCi

Companies and mines need to undergo the following procedures to be accepted into iTSCi.

Company level

The procedure for a company to become an iTSCi member company is as summarised below:


To be eligible for full membership, companies need to hold all relevant, country-specific, legal documents such as an operating license or a certificate of company incorporation. They must also send a range of documentation to the iTSCi Secretariat, which includes information relating to:

• Company history, size, detailed activities, affiliated companies, and number of employees

• Company ownership, investors, management staff, and their other or previous occupations

• Typical areas of operation, production levels, suppliers from Great Lakes countries over the last three years and other similar information

• Possible conflict, military or political links of the company, its owners, investors, staff members or its suppliers, and other possible issues in relation to due diligence

• Company policies relating to conflict minerals, management and follow-up of due diligence, inclusion of requirements in contracts and related issues

The Secretariat sends applicants the findings of the risk assessment for comment.This will include areas of concern and recommended risk management practices which will be agreed by the company and the Governance Committee. The Secretariat will then publish a summary and recommendations of the company level risk assessment (via ITRI's website ). A company that is not accepted into iTSCi can re-apply after three months showing evidence that the issues that led to non-acceptance have been resolved. Non-acceptance means that a company cannot use iTSCi membership to provide evidence of its conformance with the OECD DDG.

Please note that whilst we endeavour to be as prompt as possible with the process. Due to the volume of applications received, the application period can vary. This is also affected by delays from the applicant to provide relevant documentation to iTSCi Secretariat or the Independent Evaluator.

A leaflet explaining more about the iTSCi Membership Programme can be found here (English / French)

Current membership of iTSCi Programme

A current list of Full Members of the iTSCi Programme can be found here. The document contains a short preliminary company evaluation on each member company, along with recommended actions for the company to undertake.

A current list of Associate Members of the iTSCi Programme, and information on those companies can be found here.

Members of the iTSCi Advisory Panel

The iTSCi Programme has an Advisory Panel whose participating members provide independent expertise, constructive advice and suggestions on the implementation of iTSCi in relation to the stated aims of the Programme and related aspects of the OECD and UN Guidance and the SEC rules.

A list of current members of the Advisory Panel can be found here.

Opportunities to participate in social programmes related to iTSCi in-region locations can be found here

A booklet on how the iTSCi Programme works can be found here in English, and here in French.

Companies Obligations as iTSCi Members

iTSCi is a practical joint industry approach that helps companies implement much of the OECD DDG. However some of the OECD requirements remain the responsibility of the companies themselves, in particular for example, requirements relating to contractual agreements and the adoption of a mineral supply chain policy (as per Annex II of the OECD DDG).

A summary document describing the iTSCi Membership Agreement can be found on the following links (English / French / Chinese)

For further information on becoming an iTSCi member, please contact:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Click HERE to access reports, presentations, press releases, letters, and other documents related to the iTSCi project.

All iTSCi staff and project partners welcome feedback and constructive comment on how the system can be improved. However, due to the condensed timescales for project implementation arising from the Dodd Frank law we do not have official consultation periods for soliciting input. If you do have suggestions please send directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Concerns regarding any aspect of the project operation, including activities of member companies, can be sent in confidence to the iTSCi risk assessors, Synergy Global Consulting This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it