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Stories from the field - benefits of responsible mineral trade through the iTSCi programme

Post By: Steven Peterson on Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The iTSCi Programme enables responsible 3T mineral production and trade across the Great Lakes region of Africa. While our work was started as a response to conflict concerns and negative circumstances, promotion of trade brings many other benefits. We are pleased to be able to send you the first in a new series of 'stories from the field' to show how iTSCi works as well as to highlight the benefits of iTSCi to local communities.

This month we...

Reports describe Bisie, DRC stock clearance process and outcomes

Post By: Josephine St. John on Monday, 18 July 2016

Due to various factors, significant quantities of cassiterite from Bisié, Walikale Territory, North Kivu, DRC which was mined from artisanal pits primarily over the period 2011-2015 was stocked in the nearby area, and to a lesser extent in local trading towns. Potential solutions to manage the stock through a process to enable due diligence, risk assessment and mitigation were discussed by stakeholders, and in mid-2015, iTSCi and CFSI began coordinating requirements.

The process of clearing stock started in...

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