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Tin Metal Consortium

Posted by: Katie Hill
21st Sep 2011

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Tin Metal Consortium

The REACH Tin Metal Consortium aims to facilitate data and cost sharing for the purposes of REACH registration. It is a voluntary consortium open to any operator and is not limited to members of ITRI. The full agreement provides conditions and costs of membership, scope of the work, roles of partners and issues related to confidentiality and competition law. It should be noted that neither the text of REACH nor the European Commission define consortium formation rules but industry is expected to ensure that any terms are compatible with competition law; for this reason it is considered essential to have a consortium agreement. Consortia terms are not related to the operation of the SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum) determined by the REACH Regulation.

The REACH Tin Metal Consortium is concerned with tin metal only. Its aim has been to obtain or generate as far as is practical the data set required for registrants of tin metal at the highest REACH tonnage band i.e. >1000tpa by December 2010. Data required includes chemical information on substance behaviour as well as effect data to human health and the environment. A risk assessment related to the known uses of tin metal was also completed. While the joint dossier for tin was submitted to the Agency ahead of the first registration deadline, the exact scope of required data cannot be specified until the evaluation period of the Agency has been finalised. Further data may need to be submitted should the Agency so demand.

The consortium agreement has been open for signature since the beginning of October 2007. Individual companies remain responsible for assessing their responsibilities and carrying out registration.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the tin metal consortium, please contact: