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Inorganic Tin Compounds Consortium

Posted by: Katie Hill
21st Sep 2011

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Inorganic Tin Compounds Consortium

Manufacturers and importers of inorganic tin chemicals (in quantities of 1 tonne or more each year) are responsible for registering dossiers of information about those chemicals with the European Chemicals Agency. In order to relieve some of the burden, ITRI are trying to encourage companies to work together and share the costs and, to this end, an inorganic tin compounds consortium agreement has been drafted and is currently available for signature by any interested party.

The REACH Inorganic Tin Compound Consortium agreement will work to provide the required data for any Sn(II) or Sn(IV) compound manufactured by its member companies and will allow for efficient test cost sharing. Since the Consortium covers many inorganic tin substances, read-across of data between the inorganic tin compounds is likely to be possible, therefore minimising the amount of testing that may be required. Certain ecotoxicological data developed for the registration dossier of tin metal may also be relevant and useful for the registration dossiers of the inorganic tin compounds.

Participation in the Consortium will allow for effective resource and cost sharing and will facilitate progressions towards REACH registration of these substances.

If you would like further information on the REACH Inorganic Tin Compound Consortium and how joining may make assist with the registration of the inorganic tin compounds you supply to the EU please get in touch with us. A copy of the REACH Inorganic Tin Compound Consortium agreement can be provided on request.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the inorganic tin compounds consortium, please contact:


Organotin consortium
A separate Organo Tin REACH consortium has formed, outside of ITRI, to deal with the REACH registration requirements of stabilizers and catalysts based on organo-tin (IV) chemistry. Membership of the Organo Tin REACH consortium is open to importers, only representatives, downstream users and non-EU manufacturers provided that they are represented by an only representative.

For further information on the Organo Tin REACH Consortium can be found here

Assessment of organotins is outside of the scope ITRI, the REACH Tin Metal Consortium and the REACH Inorganic Tin Compounds Consortium.

Other metals Consortia
Several metal specific consortia have been formed to deal with the challenges that REACH presents to their own metals industry. Further information on individual metals consortia, and industry associations, together with an overview of industry activities can be found here.