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Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (EU)

Posted by: Katie Hill
13th Sep 2011
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Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (EU)

The Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive concerning the ‘collection, treatment and discharge of urban waste water and the treatment and discharge of waste water from certain industrial sectors’, was adopted on 21 May 1991. Its objective is ‘to protect the environment from the adverse effects of urban waste water discharges and discharges from certain industrial sectors’.
The directive requires the collection and treatment of waste water with stricter treatment requirements in more sensitive areas. There are also requirements for pre-authorisation of discharge into urban wastewater collection systems and control of sewage sludge disposal and re-use, and treated waste water re-use whenever it is appropriate. There are also monitoring to requirements set to check the performance of treatment plants and receiving waters.

Further information on the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive is available here.

A copy of the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive is available here.