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List of current iTSCi Full Members Latest File Update

Posted by: Steven Peterson
21st Nov 2017

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List of current iTSCi Full Members Latest File Update

Updated 21st November 2017

The iTSCi Programme aims to manage conflict concerns in the upstream supply chain from mine to smelter, and has successfully attracted membership from every step in this chain. Full Member companies range from African mining co-operatives of artisanal miners, through small companies with few employees, to larger miners, mineral traders and processors.
Preliminary company assessment is one aspect of the independent evaluation of the iTSCi Programme. Companies applying for membership are asked to provide a variety of information, which is assessed by the Independent Evaluator along with other information obtained from a range of other independent sources. Information that is taken into consideration includes;
• Company history, size, detailed activities, affiliated companies, and number of employees
• Company ownership, investors, management staff, and their other or previous occupations
• Typical areas of operation, production levels, suppliers from Great Lakes countries over the last three years and other similar information
• Possible conflict, military or political links of the company, its owners, investors, staff members or its suppliers. and other possible issues in relation to due diligence
• Company policies relating to conflict minerals, management and follow-up of due diligence, inclusion of requirements in contracts and related issues
Recommendations on steps for progressive improvement are also made in order for the companies to develop their due diligence activities in line with the OECD guidance; their success will also be reported as part of the on-going assessment and audit programme.
In order to contribute to transparency in the supply chain, the iTSCi Programme has made a summary of relevant preliminary information on each Full Member company available.
The list of current Full Members, along with the relevant preliminary information, can be seen in the attached document. This is updated regularly.