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iTSCi Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

Posted by: Steven Peterson
24th Jun 2014

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iTSCi Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

This document describes iTSCi's policy and procedure with regards to the Programme's whistleblowing mechanism.

The OECD Guidance describes in Step 1.E. a recommendation to 'Establish a company level grievance mechanism' that will allow any interested party (affected persons or whistle-blowers) to voice concerns regarding the circumstances of mineral extraction, trade, handling and export in a conflict-affected and high-risk area. The Guidance also recognizes that this may be achieved through collaborative arrangements with other companies or organisations, or by facilitating recourse to an external body .

The purpose of this iTSCi whistleblowing procedure is to provide a grievance mechanism as a collaborative arrangement for iTSCi member companies, which allows stakeholders to voice concerns, and also enables those companies to be made aware of verified risks relevant to their supply chain. Any information can be sent in confidence to