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iTSCi Audit Summary Reports for audits that were performed in 2016.
TagsiTSCi, DRC
Updated 24th July 2017 The iTSCi Programme aims to manage conflict concerns in the upstream supply chain from mine to smelter, and has successfully attracted membership from every step in this chain. Full Member companies range from African mining co-ope ...
Le programme iTSCi a permis aux autorités minières de RDC d'être plus efficaces en participant à des formations, assurant la traçabilité des minerais et permettant le devoir de diligence sur les minerais de la mine à l'exportation. Dans la province du Man ...
The iTSCi programme has enabled mining regulatory authorities in the DRC to be more efficient, participating in training, tracking minerals and facilitating due dili-gence on minerals from the mine to export. In the Province of Maniema, 91 mines are inclu ...
Le programme iTSCi contribue à garantir que les minerais utilisés en électronique et dans de nombreux autres produits de consommation sont sans lien avec les conflits et ne contribuent pas à des atteintes graves aux droits humains, et cela en aidant les m ...
The iTSCi programme helps ensure that the minerals used in electronics and many other consumer products are conflict-free and don't contribute to serious human rights abuses by helping miners, companies and authorities to implement tracea-bility and due d ...
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