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Dans la province du Maniema, les activités minières sont au coeur de l'économie, assurant des moyens d'existence à des milliers de mineurs et leurs familles. Depuis le démarrage de l'iTSCi en 2012, plus de 6700 tonnes de minerais ont été expor-tées, et la ...
In Maniema province, mining activities are at the heart of the economy, providing livelihoods for thousands of miners and their families. Since iTSCi began there in 2012, more than 6,700 tonnes of minerals have been exported, with recent monthly productio ...
Shabunda, second territoire du Sud-Kivu par sa superficie, est connu pour ses riches gisements de minerais, et on dit dans la région qu'il renferme d'importantes quantités d'étain, tantale et or. Il est aussi très reculé, donc plus exposé aux pro-blèmes d ...
Shabunda is the second largest territory in the province of South Kivu, with a repu-tation for rich mineral deposits, and locally believed to possess significant amounts of tin, tantalum and gold. The territory is also very remote, leaving it more vulner- ...
ITRI comments on the UN Group of Experts final report (french)
ITRI comments on the UN Group of Experts final report
Updated 29th August 2017 The iTSCi Programme aims to manage conflict concerns in the upstream supply chain from mine to smelter, and has successfully attracted membership from every step in this chain. Full Member companies range from African mining co-o ...
Kemet Corporation annual report of due diligence is available on the company's website here