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Dutch Funding for iTSCi to scale up mineral trade in central Africa

Post By: Victoria Coxell on Thursday, 30 July 2015

iTSCi and Pact announced funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (MFA) for a three-year project to achieve "Scaling up Mineral Trade" in the Great Lakes region of central Africa (press release can be found here). Funding will support activities of Pact, the field implementing partner of iTSCi in the region, in order to bring more miners and their communities back into the responsible international market and create the economic opportunity expected to lead to improved security and governance in...

Pact report sheds new light on Conflict-Free mining in Africa's Great Lakes

Post By: Victoria Coxell on Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Pact have released a report providing an in-depth look at traceability and due diligence, as well as on-the-ground progress and challenges for conflict-free minerals in the DRC, Rwanda and Burundi. The report, Unconflicted: Making Conflict-free Mining a Reality in the DRC, Rwanda and Burundi, calls for continued dedication and effort from local governments, mineral traders and corporations in order to maintain progress. But it doesn't gloss over the challenges. The report can be found here.

Throughout Africa's Great Lakes region, the...

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