ITRI Tin Industry Review 2017 report now available

Monday, 08 May 2017

ITRI has published its latest authoritative report on the global tin market, titled the "ITRI Tin Industry Review 2017 – Navigating Global Uncertainty". This is the fifth edition of a series of major studies on the tin industry outlook published by ITRI since 2008. More information on the contents of the report and how to get hold of it are available here.

More than a decade on, the global economy remains trapped in the shadow of the 2008 global financial crisis. Weak economic growth has impacted living standards and fuelled a desire for change which has threatened the established economic order. As protectionist sentiment has increased amid a recovering but fragile global economy, the outlook for tin might seem more uncertain than ever. However, despite tin prices being badly hit by the wider commodity crisis of 2015, which saw the lowest prices since the recession, tin fundamentals remain strong. There remains a high probability of a tin supply shortage developing within the next five years, even if growth in usage is slow.

The report details how the tin market is expected to remain in deficit for the beginning of the five-year outlook period, with a cumulative shortfall of 22,000 tonnes to 2019. This is based on slow consumption growth rates of less than 1% pa, optimistic assumptions about new mine start-ups and a recovery in secondary refined tin output. A shortage of tin should push up prices during the forecast period, but additional supply incentivised by this price increase is expected to result in a return to market surplus, which will see prices recede to more sustainable levels by 2021.

The 124 page printed report and electronic PDF file is backed up by data tables in Excel and charts in pdf format as well as access to our in-house industry experts. All of the key questions which will determine the outlook for the industry are considered in depth and answered objectively.

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