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About ITRI

ITRIITRI is a not for profit membership based organisation limited by guarantee. It represents the tin industry and is supported by the world's most important tin producers and smelters. 

ITRI’s principal aim is to support and encourage the use of tin in existing and new applications. 

It does this by:

Acting with Influence

  • Promoting a positive image of tin and the tin industry through effective media communication and conferences
  • Influencing regulators to achieve the optimum legislative environment for the tin industry
  • Assisting industry to prepare for regulatory changes such as REACH
  • Using reliable and accurate information to counter threats from competing materials or technologies
  • Looking for opportunities to differentiate between responsible producers and others
  • Promoting dialogue throughout the supply chain and create opportunities for interaction or investment
  • Using technical networks to promote tin based innovation and create new markets for the future
  • Engaging with tin using industries to influence technology drivers and support the tin market
  • Investing financially or in kind in external or joint projects where such intervention is beneficial to the tin industry
  • Working to stimulate the tin industry to achieve common aims through extended membership
  • Promoting tin to the investment community to support capital investment in projects concerned with exploration, development, and sustainable mining of tin.

Providing Information

  • Acting as an independent source of accurate tin production, consumption, and stocks information
  • Providing regular market reports as a basis for sound investment decisions and policy-making
  • Generating reliable statistics on tin resource, uses and recycling as required by regulators or the market
  • Improving the accuracy of information on tin production and use relating to environmental or social matters
  • Tracking relevant legislative threats or opportunities and inform the industry of necessary actions
  • Tracking influential technology developments in key market sectors
  • Providing information on new tin uses and opportunities for innovation
  • Maintaining an informative and up-to-date website presenting a positive view of the tin industry 


ITRI Innovation

ITRI Innovation is a commercial technical consultancy and laboratory. ITRI Innovation 's expert team of consultants and state-of-the-art laboratory provides support for research & development, problem solving and testing requirements. They specialise in electronics, fire testing & fire retardant product development, minerals & mining, steel/tinplate packaging and surface coating technology.

ITRI Innovation website 

ITRI Brochure